Diwali Isn’t Over Yet!

Hello guys!..A long time,no post. But this time also I didn’t miss the Diwali artwork. This is how I celebrated my Diwali on red paper…


I used white and black gel pen on red paper to do this artwork. Goddess Kali is the name of this character. I look forward to hearing from you about this work.

Best regards




When God saves His Devotees!!!

Hi there!…Missed you a lot!

Here is my new artwork using color pencils….

IMG_20190821_104436_041This scene, I imagined, hearing the story of Prahlad Maharaj and Nrisimhadev….

From the gist of this story we get…Prahlad who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, encounters danger due to his father’s dreadful punishments for worshipping Lord Vishnu. But everytime Lord saves him from punishments….This is the scene where Prahlad is thrown from a high hill to put him into death but Lord Vishnu receives him in His lap!

So this is how Lord’s devotee is saved everytime by Him…By surrendering to God and trusting Him fully….we can get ourselves secured by Him.

Thanks a lot….

Take care!

When You Are Special In Your World Of Imagination!!!!

Hey friends!!!..How are you doing?

Let me tell you about one of my self-portraits….I just made it yesterday with pencil color! I like to fantasize my artworks…so now I’m trapped in the sweet traps of my fantasy…..Look!


Oh ye ye….It’s me….I decorated one side of my head with some magical clusters…And no no no….my hair is not multicolored in reality….It’s simply dark brown!

So what do you think?

Please let me know…..

Best Wishes!

Oil Painting Again!!!

Hello friends!…How are you all?…Yeah..actually I was busy in making another new oil painting…..here it is!!!


OK….I admit it…I imitated the concept from google…but wait!!…This is my first flower vase oil painting on canvas!

So, wish me luck so that I can come up with my new concept again!!!

Best Wishes!



Mysterious Lady In the Blue!!!

Hello there!! Today I’m here with one of my oil paintings….

A Mysterious Lady In The Blue!!!!


Hey…I know it looks like something cosmic. As cosmic things are mostly mysterious, hard to reach…and since there is a lady too, I named it mysterious lady in blue…

I was inspired to paint the crown in this texture by watching some blue light shades on a wedding ceremony!!!….And that spiral hairstyle is similar to my look when I wear my headset…..hahahah!

Best Wishes!


Be Smart And Save Nature!!

Hello friends!!!..After too many days I’m here for you again..It’s been a while I posted my artworks…Really missed you a lot..!!!

Today I am going to talk about my artwork related to saving nature..Deforestation,artificiality,urban life,smoke,black gases,chemicals etc. have become parts of our life…I am afraid that one day people will sell oxygen for money:(

So my message to people is….keep trying to save nature!!!

Here is my artwork…..

Medium: Poster color on paper

2019-03-19 20.04.21

Mother nature is trying to save us,our earth..and what are we doing?? Welcoming demonic artificiality??…Do we need comfort more than nature?? Do we need smokes more than wind??

I am waiting for your answers…

Best wishes!