Monthly Archives: April 2017

Love Tigers, Love Nature…..


Last night, I painted this tiger while I was reading my zoology book…..Though they are very furious animals,still they are very lovely….Whenever we encourage someone, we say “Be like a tiger you chick!!!”…….Of course the tigers are  part of our nature making the forests look beautiful!!!

I tried my best to paint the tiger same to same as my textbook cover page…..But after finishing the painting I was quite satisfied!!!!….I have dedicated this painting to the endangered tigers around the world which are still in the threat of extinction…..

So, Paint Tigers! Love Tigers! Save Tigers!!!!


A Gift On My Dad’s Birthday……


Every year,on my dad’s birthday, I buy beautiful gifts from gift shops….But last year, I decided to make something beautiful and creative for him….So did I….And the funny thing was…. I made the gift from wastes….

                                     Yes!! The shiny wrappers in the pic are nothing but chocolate wrappers!!! The white part is a broken cock sheet that I cut into a rectangular shape… Once I bought some sweets and the green ribbon in the pic,was tied on the packet of the sweets!!!

                   The fences are nothing but some ice cream sticks that I used to collect whenever I ate any ice cream…And those little flowers are some waste parts of a broken home decor….Can you see some colorful things on the fences??….Yes, these are the packets of some incense sticks!!! Of course the teddy bear is very old but it seemed to me a  gold that time……(The candles were new…..I took the pic just after they were burnt…)!!!

Designs, Colors,Lights And RANGOLIS……..

These are the Rangolis that I made in the last Diwali……

In the Asian countries,specially in Bangladesh and India, rangolis are very popular…You decorate your home putting powdered colors on the floor welcoming joys and happiness to your home.You not only make a rangoli but also design a dream with colors and lights….You put some Diya(Indian lamps) on the rangoli making it more beautiful…You along with your family members and friends step to a new world of happiness every year……This is what we want in our life!!!

Some More Drawings Inside My Art Album…..

These are some more drawings of  my art album….My art is my language to express my feelings and emotions…Whenever I’m happy, I try to express my emotions by painting beautiful sceneries. But when I’m sad, I draw something imaginary..So both happiness and sadness are the parts of my artwork…!!!!

My Childhood arts and sketches….


These are some of my childhood drawings……my hobby is one and only drawing and painting. But it’s so pathetic that I don’t get enough time to continue my passion….But I know that one day I shall make myself free enough for my passion….