The Creator Of the Universe Is Here!!! Artwork Of Supreme Personality……..

This  is one of my artworks that I had started during my boring classtime and had completed this on the last ‘Apara Ekadashi’ (11th lunar day of dark fortnight of this month) dedicating this artwork to the Creator Of This Universe……’Lord Krishna’!!!

Well it is finally completed and I’m very happy about that…..May Lord Krishna bless me with opportunities to dedicate my paintings and artworks for the sake of well being of mankind…..!!!



This material world is the inverted reflection of the Spiritual World where  Lord Krishna resides…..There are innumerable universes coming out from the hair follicles of Lord Vishnu (the major incarnation of Krishna who is nourishing these universes) which are continuously being created and destroyed……These perishable universes are for those who are Krishnavimukh (Those who are not devoted to Lord Krishna) and the imperishable universes which are very close to the residence of Lord Krishna (The Golok Dham) are for those who are completely devoted to Him……May the Supreme Lord bless us with the virtues that is required to reach Him very soon…….Hare Krishna !!!


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