The Divine Love Of Radha Krishna…..My Water Color Painting..!!!!

Hello guys!!…Last night I completed one of my unfinished painting….A painting which depicts the eternal love of Radha and Krishna…..They are the best couple you can ever find in this world….Have a look..!!!


Though the painting is full of fantasies but their love story is the truest one…..The Universe follows Krishna’s order but Krishna follows Radha’s order…..This world serves Krishna but Krishna serves Radha…..It is very hard to please Krishna….but if once Radha is pleased by someone, Krishna instantly accepts the one…..There are thousands of stories which depicts Radha Krishna’s eternal love…..Thousands of cupids are said to be attracted by Krishna…but Krishna is always attracted by Radha……I can remember a story which goes like: When Radha first appeared on earth,she kept her eyes closed until she had got to see Krishna….!!!…Everyone thought she was blind by birth…But when Krishna came in front of her she opened her eyes at once….So lovely…!!!

Though I’m not always easy with water color painting,I think this time it’s better….What do you think guys….???



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