Two DESIGNS That I Made During My Boring Class-times……!!!!

Hello guys… u doing??….Today I’ve posted my two designs that I made during my boring class times….probably one in physics class and another in chemistry class…..!


Oh…..don’t ask me about my interest in physics…..I have started to hate my school life….coz here the situation is very bad…..we have to study all the time….In Bangladesh,you get lots of students studying in science group, but I bet 90% of the students do not have interest in it…..many of my friends are blessed with musical voice,creative projects and skills in artworks….It is so unfortunate that most of them have left their passions only to get a pass mark in science subjects…..but inspite of studying all around the clock they fail in different subjects…..


Just tell me…..if you don’t have any interest on those subjects,why you have to study them??…..Here is also the answer….our unfortunate parents for whom we are also unfortunate….They don’t let their children to place their own dreams in their life….my parents forced me to study in science…..Even still I’m undergoing different mental tortures from them…..My dad earns money and spend it for me only expecting that I’m going to get chance in medical college…..Tell me…how can I see my talent dying just because to fulfil the deals with my parents that they made with me instead of providing me my basic needs…..

Today I’m sharing with the world…..I’m just dying….not only me….as well as my artworks….They only exist until I’m here…..Otherwise my parents would have taken a big initiative before to publish my arts in media….

They even don’t like my creating a website…..few days ago my dad took away my computer mouse because he thought that I’m going in the wrong way…..

How can anyone endure these things????

Whatever…….Everyone is not unfortunate like me…….So I wish them to live a better life…..BE HAPPY..!!!



14 thoughts on “Two DESIGNS That I Made During My Boring Class-times……!!!!

  1. I really like your work with the gel pen. Beautiful! My brother has been a great artist but doesn’t get paid as much as he deserves. I also like your parents and would recommend doing art after finishing a fine profession. You may have extra time in the morning to draw and complete art. Best of luck! 🎆


    1. First of all, thank you for visiting! And thank you so much for your recommendation….But what I always feel is that I’m naturally forced to go towards my canvas,pens or papers to make something new…..I’m still struggling with this since there is no specific time of my ideas popping out from my brain….I try to note them down for later and try to study hard…..But you can see in one of my posts(my incomplete artworks) that I was writing a paragraph from the top of the page but it ended with a sketch of a lady (Hoh!)…….I’m really confused…..!!!


  2. Science requires imagination and creativity as well. The study of life and what composes it is amazing. You might just need a different approach to the learning of it…like through art. Beautiful designs you made.


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