Three More Of My Water Color Paintings…!!!

Hello friends! Today I have posted three more water color paintings that I made when I was in class6……..Check it out..!!!


This is a painting of Lord Krishna who is playing flute……He is crowned with peacock feathers and has a garland of flowers around His neck……I always love His divine appearance..!!!


This is mainly a painting of spring season in Bangladesh……that time I did not draw the faces of the persons in the scenery because I wasn’t good at that……But now I’m better in drawing faces!


Oh yes! Here is my lovely Krishna’s naughty pastimes…..You can look at His mischievous works in the painting…..Though He behaved like such a mischievous baby in His childhood…Later He became the Supreme Hero in the history…!!!

So…this is all for today…..I hope you liked it……BEST WISHES…..!!!!


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