Four More Designs Which Saved Me From Extreme Monotony!!!

Hello friends!! Today I’m here with my four more designs that I made when I was getting bored…..Here they are……


It’s a kind of doodling I should say…..coz I made this unintentionally when I was bored with my studies….!


Yeah! That was a kind of consolation for me when I was sad for some reasons…..It may work for you too…!!!


I was writing something on my diary….suddenly I turned over the page and started to make another new design!


That time I bought some new glitter pens… I started to make a design using those pens!

That’s all for today…..Best wishes and SMILES for all of youuuu……!!!!!


24 thoughts on “Four More Designs Which Saved Me From Extreme Monotony!!!

  1. Your doodles are amazing. Do you sing too? I saw bits of a bengali song alongside your art work. I believe happiness is very elusive and a fleeting emotion, perhaps we should strive for contentment. But that is just my thought.


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