A Really Beautiful Lady In My Design….!!!!

Hello friends….after so many days I’m posting something new again!!……Well you know that I can’t go through my extremely boring physics classes without creating something new!! Well unlike other days….our today’s physics teacher was very boring in his lecture…..And I can’t tolerate boredom….so…..


Here is the beautiful lady…..I used many colorful pens to create this…..For the finishing touch I used a gel pen…..I like to sketch out beautiful ladies and I also like to make beautiful designs…..So here I have created a combination of both…!!!! I really feel cool now!!!Β  Β 

Actually I didn’t spend the whole physics class creating this artwork….First I made a rough figure of the whole face, and then I completed the rest step by step taking a few days…….

I think you are going to like this lady……!!!!

So…this is all for today…..Your best wishes are required for my success……!!!


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