Portraits After A Long Time……!!!

Hello there….today I’m going to share something with you….Though I’m quite nervous…but mostly excited….


I know that’s not so perfect….but still…it’s my first portrait of myself so I have a hope for better one next time…,,

Before I say anything about this…I would like to request Charlie, not to get disgusted with me…..I’m just a trier….hehe..!!

Yes, this is a sketch of Charlie O’ Shields…..creator of Doodlewash® and founder of World Watercolor Month™ (July) and World Watercolor Group™……it is something that is great and inspiring for me…..I’m a part of it….Yeah!!

So that’s all for today….Have fun…!!!


14 thoughts on “Portraits After A Long Time……!!!

  1. Whoa, you’re good! Now, I’m gonna be honest. Okay? You’re prettier than your self portrait. But I think you’re close to capturing your inner/outer beauty–the left side of the face (the viewers right) seems a bit too off…it takes away from the intelligent gentleness that is evident in the lovely photo. On the other hand, you very well captured the “teasing” look of Charlie. Very well done!

    You’re obviously talented. Please keep at it. And don’t be shy. 🙂 You’re very good and I think in time you will become a better…much better artist. Yep! Good for you Anamika. 🙂

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  2. Oh wow! That’s ME! 😊hehe… That’s so cool… and I’m humbled to be the subject of such a great sketch. In technique, of course, I’m not patting myself on the back for being attractive. You actually made me look more attractive. Thank you for that. 💕

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  3. Ahhhh, you’re getting so good, sweetheart! I remember I’d just come across your blog a few months ago before my hiatus (back in june or july, I think). And I remember seeing your beautiful talent then….

    These portraits have so much more depth to them, somehow. Keep up the amazing work!! 🙂

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