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When You Are Special In Your World Of Imagination!!!!

Hey friends!!!..How are you doing?

Let me tell you about one of my self-portraits….I just made it yesterday with pencil color! I like to fantasize my artworks…so now I’m trapped in the sweet traps of my fantasy…..Look!


Oh ye ye….It’s me….I decorated one side of my head with some magical clusters…And no no no….my hair is not multicolored in reality….It’s simply dark brown!

So what do you think?

Please let me know…..

Best Wishes!

Radha and Krsna again!!!

Let me show you another pen sketch of Radha-Krsna…..Here we go!!!


I did it last night…It was really a good idea to keep my detailing so simple.I was a bit worried about the body gesture of this couple but finally I made it!

Let me know about your thoughts…..

Best Wishes!