Radha and Krsna again!!!

Let me show you another pen sketch of Radha-Krsna…..Here we go!!!


I did it last night…It was really a good idea to keep my detailing so simple.I was a bit worried about the body gesture of this couple but finally I made it!

Let me know about your thoughts…..

Best Wishes!


4 thoughts on “Radha and Krsna again!!!

  1. Marvellous sketch…….But, I want to ask and say something about your title and caption that you have written. Why are you not written RadhaKrishna OR RadhaKrsna? I believe that there is no separation between RadhaKrishna OR RadhaKrsna. Their love is divine, unconditional and unachievable. Then why we add “And” in between. Here is a humble request you to please edit this, If possible. Please understand 🙏

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind feedback..but I had no intention to cause separation in the integrity of RadhaKrsna!…Many times I made sketches of only Krsna. I did the same for Radha also (you can check out my previous posts). But this time, Radha and Krsna both were in my sketch..Hence my intention was to put them closer in my sketch, not to separate them..I hope you understood…..Thanks for visiting…..Take care!


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