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When God saves His Devotees!!!

Hi there!…Missed you a lot!

Here is my new artwork using color pencils….

IMG_20190821_104436_041This scene, I imagined, hearing the story of Prahlad Maharaj and Nrisimhadev….

From the gist of this story we get…Prahlad who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, encounters danger due to his father’s dreadful punishments for worshipping Lord Vishnu. But everytime Lord saves him from punishments….This is the scene where Prahlad is thrown from a high hill to put him into death but Lord Vishnu receives him in His lap!

So this is how Lord’s devotee is saved everytime by Him…By surrendering to God and trusting Him fully….we can get ourselves secured by Him.

Thanks a lot….

Take care!