I Sketched Out My Loneliness…..!!!!

Hello friends!!…Today I’m going to show you another sketch(after so many days) which I (of course) made during my boring classtime……Here it is…


I think she is a reflection of me….her love for loneliness made her more close towards the nature,towards  the beauty…..Yeh!..she is quite skin conscious like me… quite afraid of the sun….But she loves to touch the roses in the bright morning and tries to take the essence of beauty…..here I fail and she nails it every time…..!

She is more intended towards the roses than a butterfly….look, the butterfly is late since she has reached those roses before it……But her eyes want to tell us something that is still undiscovered by me…..Oh!…such a failure as an artist!

There are many mysteries in my artworks that I couldn’t discover still now…..And even I don’t want to disclose them….may be that will destroy their beauty….!!!

Thanks to all….

Your lonely



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