The Most Beautiful Lady In My Water Color Painting…..Queen Radha…!!!

Hello friends!..Today I have posted a painting of the most beautiful lady…..Sri Radha…..who is a great lover of Lord Krishna….the Supreme Personality…!!! Radha,who is the most beloved daughter of Her father Vrishvanu,in reality She is the most powerful lady in this universe….She is called Antaranga Shakti of Lord Krishna…..Antaranga is that which pertains to the proper Entity of the Absolute Person. It is also called Swarupa-shakti for this reason. The literal meaning of the word antaranga is “that which belongs to the inner body.” Shakti is rendered as “power.”


I painted this mainly with water color…..But I also used some glitter pens and sign pens to sketch out the details……As you can see…… Radha is carrying a flower bucket on Her left hand and She is showering Her blessings by showing Her right hand in that position……You can have a closer view of the painting here…..

There are many stories regarding Queen Radharani and Lord Krishna…..Krishna often came to Radharani in a disguise to play with Her…..May be as a dancer or as a seller of bangles…..There were many games played in between Radha and Krishna where most of the times Radha won….it brought happiness to Krishna inspite of being loser….Radha,when first appeared from the left part of Krishna’s body, She rushed to pick flowers and worship Krishna….that’s why She is named Radha..(‘Ra’ means who appeared in Rasmandal….one of the holy places of Vrindaban where Krishna dances with His milkmaid friends… and ‘dha’ means to who rushed towards Krishna to worship Him).There are 25 best qualities of Radha by which Krishna is attracted towards Her.

So this is all for today……BEST WISHES TO ALL……!!!


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